sabato 9 luglio 2016

Oldoinyo Lengai - The World's Only Carbonatite Eruptions - Contiene Video

Carbonatite lava flows: The World's Only Carbonatite Eruptions
East African Rift Volcanoes

Science has unearthed the secret to what might have been alchemy at Oldoinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania.
There, in the ancient East African Rift at a place known to local Maasai people as the Mountain of God, Oldoinyo Lengai spews forth carbon dioxide-laden lavas called carbonatites. The carbonatites line the volcano's flanks like snowballs.
Oldoinyo Lengai is the only place on Earth where carbonatites currently erupt--and where carbon dioxide from a volcano doesn't vanish into thin air as a gas.
In a paper published the journal Nature, scientists report the results of a study of Oldoinyo Lengai's volcanic gas emissions, sampled by the team during a carbonatite lava eruption.

Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano (Tanzania) is the only volcano erupting silvery Carbonatite lava in historical times. Unlike normal lava, this lava looks like a silvery mud as it is too cool (550-700 deg. celsius) to glow visibly during daylight. A very weak glow can be observed at night and captured by long exposure photography (see e.g.
Currently the type of activity shown can not be viewed following larger eruptions in 2007-2008 which left a large crater and removed the small eruptive cones as seen in the footage. The footage taken in July 2000 shows an extremely active cone on the main crater floor. A brief view is taken into the tiny lava lake in the top of the cone during a phase of reduced activity and multiple overflows and resulting lava flows and other features are documented.
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